A complete list of RGSS3 scripts coded by Soulpour777 for RPG Maker VX Ace.

Destiny Engine 

Actor Related Scripts

Battle Related Scripts

  • Break and Chain Skill System – This script allows the developer to create skills that chain with each other.
  • Autostates – This allows the user to create states for the enemy activated as the battle. starts. These states are automatically added as you start the battle.
  • Adjust Battle Wait – This script changes the waiting time in battle.
  • Basic Calculation – A rewrite for most of the damage calculation setting to make the user have a freedom to most of the things in the Game Battler and Game Actor sets. These are changed by using fixed damages and rates, some were literally done by
    substituting default values into a fixed value.
  • Battle Fogs – This script allows battle fogs / mist during battle, which is fully controlled by the script user, thus making different fogs called before the battle starts.
  • Collapse Redux– Changes how the enemies collapse when they die.
  • Confusion Action Fix – This allows you to change the action behavior of enemies and actors when they have the confusion state.
  • Death States – This script allows the developer to have more droped items more than it should. The calculation is done via percentage.
  • Double Action – This script allows you to make enemies attack twice without losing its turn.
  • Dragon Equivocation – This allows you to do the classical Breath of Fire 4 Dragon Equivocation / Transformation skill.
  • Eliminate Weaker Spells – This script allows you to eliminate weaker spells when you level up. It upgrades Level 1 spells to 2, and 2 to 3 and so on.
  • Enable Vehicle Battles – This script enables battles even when you are in a vehicle.
  • Enemy Battler Hue Animation – Shows a change of hue to the enemy battler.
  • Fairy Tail Ex Equip – This script allows the game to have an ex-equip system, like the ones mentioned in the anime Fairy Tail, for mage classes like Erza Scarlet, where during battle, they can change their equipments. This script is class dependent, all classes with the note tag <ex_equip> will be able to re-equip during battle.
  • Field States – This script allows to create skills that induces status effects that affect not only the enemy party but also the ally party. Only one effect can be activated at a time.
  • Forced Skill on Enemy Death – This script allows the characters to cast a particular set of skills when an enemy is killed. They can only cast these particular skills when their weapon or armor is tagged with a certain note tag.
  • Force Stop Victory ME – This script allows you to forcibly stop your victory ME when you transition and go back to the map.
  • Ignore Targeting if Enemy = 1 / Actor = 1 – This script allows the developer to set the targeting so that when there is only one enemy, you don’t have to go through selecting the list of enemies alive since we already know the fact that you’ll target that enemy.
  • Magic Critical Orpheus – Create a magical skill to do a critical hit strike.
  • Reverse Damage Effect – A script that reverses the attack into recovery instead. When you are being attacked by the enemy, you will be able to nullify the damage and reverse it through the effort of a state.
  • Show Portraits in Battle – This script allows you to show actor sprites in battle.
  • Valkyrie Profile: Charge Turn Battle – This script allows the players to have a turn sequence. By turn sequence, it means that the player can only attack when the sequence turns have subsided. For example, Lenneth has 0 sequence turns, means she can attack or move everytime, while Mystina, Llewelyn and other ranged characters who has 4 – 5 sequence turns can only attack after 5 turns. If an attack is made, the party gains a gem, which decreases the sequence turns randomly in battle.
  • Earthbound / Mother Battle System – This script allows the developer to set a variable as the encounter rate, as well as create a randomized / tightened encounter rate.

Graphical Related Scripts


  • Horror Game Menu – A menu system perfect for horror games.
  • Corpse Party Menu – A menu system akin to corpse party.
  • Face Menu Command – A menu system main commands specifically using faces instead of the default hp and mp notations with the faces during selection.
  • Main Menu Music – This script allows the developer to infuse a music when you are inside the main menu scene.



  • Frame Wait System – A script that allows title images to act like a fade in slideshow.