[RMMV] Animated Title Reimu

Animated Title Reimu

Author: Soulpour777



Mouse and Touch Pad Settings:
Take note that when you change the locations of your command picture’s x and y, you might want to consider changing some of the variables that can be found in your plugin manager, because most of them are at default location where your commands are. That means if you changed the position of your commands, change the touchpad settings as well. Change the following variables if command position is changed: TouchPadXMin, TouchPadXMax, TouchPadYMin01, TouchPadXMax01TouchPadYMin02, TouchPadXMax02, TouchPadYMin03, TouchPadXMax03. Each TouchPadYMin and Max values are determined which command is used. If you are using separate images, bulk them into one just like how the default example was made.

Place your images under the img/titles1 folder.




[RMMV] Story Book Ex Plugin

[RMMV] Story Book Ex Plugin {Script by: Soulpour777}

– Story Image, Text X Axis, Text Y Axis and Text Scroll Speed
– Book Particle, Scroll X and Scroll Y
– Skip Availability
– Music Name, Volume, Pitch and Pan

Open Features:
– availability to skip.
– availability to present stories and even credits in scrolling manner.

Images should be placed under img / pictures folder.

To call the scene, place this on the script call event:



 If you are using Yanfly’s Scripts and you change the resolution, you might want to this version.

[MV] Animated Menu Wallpaper

Note: Version 1.0 has been totally revoked and reworked. Please be informed that this plugin is a new plugin, and does not have anything similar to 1.0. Therefore by any means 1.2 is used, credits will be anything given below. Please use this one instead.

Animated Menu Wallpaper (Current Version 1.2)
Author: Soulpour777


  • Animeflow: http://animeflow.net/

Instructions: Place the js script under the plugins folder and the images on the img/menu_wallpaper folder.

Terms of Use:

You are free to use my scripts in your game projects as long as you give credit. For commercial or IGMC purposes, please contact me. Each script (without the label being free to use commercially) are protected under Attribution-NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Philippines (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 PH).

DOWNLOAD (Mirror 1)

DOWNLOAD (Mirror 2)