Dropbox 404?

Hi everyone! I have been receiving emails about my dropbox links being dead or removed. My older dropbox account was something I wasn’t able to accept since last year. However, the links still worked and that they should still be there working as they should. I am surprised that most of them are now long gone. I was able to back up most of the versions of the plugins that are in question, but I will have to go through each of the plugins I have and update the download links. This might get a while as I just came back from RPG Maker. I will check through each and offer a few more mirror links just in case, as I believe more options, the better.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and I will fix the links this coming week. I hope you understand. Thank you.


1.3.3 Plugin Updates and Fixes – Round 4

Ahoy, I updated to 1.3.3 and without further ado, here’s the plugin updates and fixes! (I will keep newly reported bugs to Round 5, please stay tuned!)


(November 15, 2016)

If you are using Message Sound Effect, Control Audio Map Switch and Soul Audio Ex, I have them updated and compiled in one core plugin, so it handles anything that has to do with audios. Introducing SoundCoreRX. Please download the plugin and remove the three mentioned if any is used.

(November 20, 2016)

Skyrim Shopkeeper’s Money – This plugin creates a pocket money for the Shopkeeper in a Buy and Sell Shop. In the game Skyrim, Shopkeepers have their own pocket money. While you sell to them, their money grows as well. However, if you sell an item that is beyond their pocket money, they will not be able to buy it and you won’t be able to sell it from them.

MVCarouselJS – MVCarouselJS is a lightweight RPG Maker MV plugin that allows you to create carousel style picture gallery for your games. The name is taken from the Carousel Picture Gallery used in web design. This plugin also allows the use of event triggers in the pictures. This means that when the picture is clicked, an action can be activated. (Patreon Post was made September 22, 2016)


(November 15, 2016)

Battle Actors EX – You can now set a plugin command to change the battle bust of the actor via a plugin command.

Caliburn Menu System

  • Script Part 1 and Part 4 Updated. Lags removed in Item Scene.
  • DisplayObjectContainer error fixed.
  • BM_EquipCore (‘0’ of undefined error) from old plugin. BlackMorning updated the script here.

I was notified that it lags a lot in the Item Scene, this is I think an error I made by not disposing all the images and run through it completely. Please download the following updates:

I also added a few instructions on how to setup the things in it properly, so it would work properly for you. I added a few notes, just in case you use a different Equip Plugin.

For more information, please go to the plugin link.


If you’re using this plugin, it actually isn’t updated to PIXI4 yet. Please give me a note just in case this is still wanted. Nevertheless, I’ll try to do an update in Round 5.

Plugin Updates and Bug Fixes – Round 3

Here were are for round 3! It isn’t much, but most of the addressed plugin are now answered.


Plugins with Bug Fixes

Updated Plugins

Plugins that are no longer supported and will be remodeled

This page will be updated for the rest of September. Please don’t forget to check it every time for any added items / plugins on the fixed or updated list.

News, Updates and the future of this site / blog

It’s been a long journey, has it?

I have mentioned this over my Patreon page (for my patrons) but I would be giving public announcement because I think this is very important for those who are asking for my updates. Basically, I have updated my MV to 1.3.1 and noticed that a few of my plugins are not working anymore. Therefore, I am bound to fix them each if ever error arises or that they are reported in this page with bugs.

Section 1: Channel and Patreon Content

Aside from making plugins, I will now add a few new content on my channel, which is the Let’s Play series for RPG Maker games as well as revving up my RPG Maker MV Plugin Development Tutorials, we we are going to make plugins from the scratch. You will be able to witness how I did the plugin, and which makes you also learn new stuff.

Section 2: Plugin Contents and Plugin Release

I have been doing experiments in MV recently. A LOT. I failed a lot and successful in few. These successful experiments are new plugins that I have been coding for a while now and they should be released for public use. I have been also thinking of rehashing my work in RPG Maker VXAce which is the Destiny Engine, which allows you to customize your own menu system and other parts of the default engine.

I also want to tell you guys that I will be releasing 4 plugins per month starting September. Why only 4? This is to make sure that what I release are actually free of complications or that it is not rushly done. I want it to be firm and worthwhile.

Section 3: Plugin Bug Fixes

Concerning my plugin bugs, I will start fixing them this September. I am very sorry if it gets a bit of a delay. I prioritized a few things and I will come back for this again. Anyway, I have decided to archive all finished or solved bug reports. This means that all bug reports that are finished will be archived and will have update sections on the post / thread itself. This is to make sure that all the concerned bugs that were fixed are solved and the solutions are available for download.

Being said all this, expect new content, updates and things from me in the future. Our journey does not end here and surely, there are more to see in the clear sky. Please wait, change is coming.

July – August: Expected Plugins and Development

I have been toying around different things lately and have achieved most of them. I will be posting them in this thread for public knowledge and what to expect more from me this month. I will also be posting plugins on the fly that are not notified in this thread due to them being friends / patreon / private requests that they want to be added into my library of plugins. By that, they will be added in this thread.

Dialog Log (Date of Creation: 6 / 22 / 2016) – This allows you to show dialogs on the screen via stacks instead of messages.

Encounter Gauge (Date Created: 7 / 4 / 2016) – This plugin shows a gauge of the encounter’s rate on the screen.

Trance System (Date Created: 7 / 5 / 2016) – This plugin allows the developer to recreate Zidane’s Trance state from Final Fantasy 9.

[RELEASED] Tales of Vesperia Custom Menu System (Date Created: 7 / 7 / 2016) – Recreates the Tales of Vesperia Custom Menu System

[RELEASED] Battle HUD Rune (Date Created: 7/ 2/ 2016) – Creates a newly designed battle hud. Used for Front View Battle Systems.

[RELEASED] Battle HUD Factory (Date Created: 7 / 3 / 2016) – Creates a newly designed battle hud. Used for both Front and Sideview Battle Systems.

Other Plugins:


If there are requests, please head to my contact board. I have to say that my email and contact board is full of request. I don’t also answer that much due to my real life errands and might be late to give you an answer. Still, I am looking on to them one by one.

A huge thanks to all supporters, patrons, friends and people in the interwebs.