Thank you for the journey!

When a door closes, another opens.

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the journey you have imparted me for the last two years. Sadly, I have decided that after all the things I have learned from you and with you guys, I will not make any new plugin or do tutorials for RPG Maker anymore.

However, whatever I haven’t finished yet, would be finished. It means, any personal relations, works and projects with people would still be continued. However, for new content, sadly, there’s none for MV.

It means that this site will no longer be active.

How about the broken links and bugs?

I will fix them this January. This is to still give a very satisfying service to those who wants to search my old material in this website. This is because I will no longer focus my channel and work in RM, but on other things in life.

I have learned a lot and experienced a lot through all your efforts. I was away for a few months due to personal reasons as well as I have been studying new programming languages –  as well as broadening my JavaScript knowledge.

In my official channel, I will be doing tutorials on different programming languages, libraries and game engines as well. If you are still interested in my newer content, please do continue supporting me, as well as in Patreon. It’s just my RM journey that ended.

Again, thank you, everyone! i will miss the times when this site keeps receiving your mails on tutorials, questions on programming and such. I will be doing a new wordpress site for my new material – and I hope to see you there as well.


Soul X Regalia