Broken Plugins Fixed Links (Batch 1)

Hi Guys,

So after a long wait, here we go with some updates for the broken links. Although it is sad because there are plugins that have been lost completely, so I have to redo them, apparently. Nevertheless, here are the updates.

Note: These updates work for 1.3.3 – 1.4 version of MV only. For those who are using MV 1.5, I am sorry to say it would take time until I can give you an update, as I haven’t updated yet due to personal reasons.

For those who are waiting for the newest Horror Menu Customizer, well, I have a good news for you all.


Download the latest version here.

Any plugin you’re looking for that I haven’t updated yet? Let me know!



14 Replies to “Broken Plugins Fixed Links (Batch 1)”

  1. If there is any chance you could get the “[RMV] Forget Skills on Class Change”-plugin link up again that would be just great!
    Thanks for all the work!


  2. Hi SoulPour!

    Was just going through installing your wonderful looking Caliburn CMS and running into a bit of a moment – In your jpg detailing the order of plugins you have listed BM_EquipCore, and the description says you modified it for Caliburn. However this modified version of the JS file doesn’t exist in the rest of the download file. I downloaded what you had posted most recently on your page outlining the Caliburn CMS. For now I’m simply going to leave everything off until I hear back, but I would certainly like to incorporate your plugin to spiff up and begin customizing our menus.


  3. Could you upload the character select plugin? or if you can’t, are you able to point me in a direction for a similar pluging? Thank you for your time.


  4. can you get the link for the character select plugin? i asked for it in the video in youtube because the link wasnt working, you tolld me you would fix it, when you do please say something, i apreciate your work.


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