Dropbox 404?

Hi everyone! I have been receiving emails about my dropbox links being dead or removed. My older dropbox account was something I wasn’t able to accept since last year. However, the links still worked and that they should still be there working as they should. I am surprised that most of them are now long gone. I was able to back up most of the versions of the plugins that are in question, but I will have to go through each of the plugins I have and update the download links. This might get a while as I just came back from RPG Maker. I will check through each and offer a few more mirror links just in case, as I believe more options, the better.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and I will fix the links this coming week. I hope you understand. Thank you.


47 Replies to “Dropbox 404?”

  1. Hi there SoulX! Your plugins are beyond awesome! I just installed the ‘SOUL_MV Character Select’ plugin. Working fine, mostly. I am worried about one thing, though: Any mouse or touchscreen support? The final player might be on a mobile device… Thanks for any insight.


    1. Ohh, yes…well a touchscreen support might come very soon, but I am afraid I have to take quite time to make it since I’ve gone as far as to wait for a few months finishing my IRL work before going back again for rpg maker.


  2. Hey! Love your plugins SoulX! Most of your menu plugins are down. I went to see if there was an update for Orion and it was gone. Other that that, I just wanted to say thanks for all of your work! I’m working on a full game for once in my MV experience and I’d like to send you a copy to try out once it’s finished:) Hope you get everything straightened out!


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