Rpg Maker MV Plugin – Skyrim Shopkeeper’s Money

Rpg Maker MV Plugin – Skyrim Shopkeeper’s Money


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English Mirror – Dropbox


This was a request made by Deniskam (RPG Maker Central) for RPG Maker VXAce, but I decided that while I made a VXAce version, I will have to make an RMMV version.


In the game Skyrim, Shopkeepers have their own pocket money. While you sell to them, their money grows as well. However, if you sell an item that is beyond their pocket money, they will not be able to buy it and you won’t be able to sell it from them.

Plugin Commands:

ShopkeeperMoney : Set : amount

where amount is the amount of money you want to set as the shopkeeper’s money.

For example:

ShopkeeperMoney : Set : 9000

this sets the shopkeeper’s money to 9000.


This version does not take Total Transactions but individual transactions. What this means is that, you can set a variable as each shopkeeper’s money. Therefore, each shopkeeper individually has their own pocket money. Here’s an example of how to set up variable 1 as our Shopkeeper Therese’s money:


Now, the item Glassy Carrot is so expensive. If the shopkeeper can’t buy it, he / she actually indicates it. Say for example, we scroll down to items she can’t already afford:


You can set these words in the Plugin Parameters:


Special Thanks:

  • Xilefian for helping me on the message and rolling numbers.

3 Replies to “Rpg Maker MV Plugin – Skyrim Shopkeeper’s Money”

  1. Really? thats all the info you dont even explain how it up the hell am i supposed to set up control variables like what other event do i need to connect it to? you dont really explain much on how to set it up your example ShopkeeperMoney :Set :9000 its not really good enough example and a picture with shit we dont even understand like what do we event or commands do we need to connect i did that i can buy but not sell selling would help ( i dont mean to be rude or an asshole im just tired of ppl posting plugins and not explaining shit about it its really annoying )


  2. Ineed.
    Did download this plugin, but I don’t understand this example :S

    Would be nice if you can update this, or make demo map so other can test it out.
    I did, however, use my own variables setup without this plugin, and works perfect, so
    this plugin is not so much.

    This plugin is probably great :)
    Just need to update this guide. (If you are here, did found 10 broken url link 1-2 years old…)


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