Thomas Edison MV – RPG Maker MV Plugin

Thomas Edison MV – RPG Maker MV Plugin

Author: Soulpour777

Download Plugin Only (Github)

Download Plugin + Graphic (Mediafire)

Download Thomas Edison MV Help Documentation


Thomas Edison MV is a plugin that allows the developer to create beautifully crafted lights for their game. The idea behind this plugin was to revive the popular VX script of the same name by BulletTXT. This plugin however has been modeled and developed with the combination of ES5 and ES6 with a few differences with the old VX counterpart.

So, what does this plugin offer? Just creating lights?

Yes, that’s basically it. That way, it allows you to make your maps more beautiful. The idea of this plugin is taken from playing around the tones and blending of an object. Shadows and such are not found and created by this plugin.

Can we use different image for every light?

Yes. I made the plugin like that so every light and sprite tied to it can make different types and shapes of the light depending on how they are displayed on the map. Why was it designed so? The reason behind this aside from this is if you’re creating a parallax map, normally lighting systems follow the tileset (if programmed so) instead of the current displayed images. That works for this purpose. If you’re using a parallax image, it’d be best that the light would also follow the image to create a more realistic effect.

Why are the lights tied to a switch?

The lights are tied to a switch so you can create stop lights or lights that would only occur during a said timing. With this, you can create traffic / signal lights as well as use it to create some kind of light puzzle event. Not only will this plugin serve as your lighting system but also for puzzles. Cool, right?

If so, isn’t this doable in events?

Unfortunately, you can’t, not unless you tie everything via script commands, then yes. But for easier take and quick build, making lights using a plugin where everything is set properly is better. I believe that with this plugin, it would allow you to quickly make something as making lights faster than eventing.


BulletTXT for the VX Version and Idea. This plugin is based on the same coding principles of a lighting system.


This plugin is written in ES6.

For more information on the installation and setting up the lights, check the Thomas Edison Help File and Documentation added on the download links above.



28 Replies to “Thomas Edison MV – RPG Maker MV Plugin”

      1. Hmm, so the lantern effect plugin seems to only apply for the player, but not for events. Do you have anything that also works for events?

        Also, I found a bug in this thomas edison MV regarding how you are reading the note tags and adding them to the lightEffects array. They seem to be placed in the array regardless of whether they are light effects or not (as long as they have a comment). I changed this bit of code to add a condition:

        if (lightEffect) {

        Around line 451.

        This works for me.


          1. Guess my last message didn’t post. They DO work with this plugin, I thought you were telling me that I had to use the lantern plugin for it, so I didn’t even bother to check it with this. Thanks!


        1. I tried installing the plugin and checked, but I am not getting the error. Are there plugins you’re using that has to do with the maps? If so, place my plugin above them and see if it works out. if not, please give me a heads up. Thanks.

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          1. When your plugin fail in first time, I try search for the another plugin for lighting effects (TerraxLighing.js) and install it. This is a cause of the second error.
            Now, I place your plugin under and “Eureka”!!! I am not getting the error anymore.
            This works!!!
            Thank you very much. :D


  1. Hey, I always get Syntax Error “Unexpected end of input” error when I try custom lights.
    Here`s what I inserted in the comment;

    CUSTOM 6 LIGHT 30 30 [-255, 255, 255, 100] true 2 ADD 150

    Any help?

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  2. Hey SoulPour777
    I am having some trouble displaying the lights over my screen tints. I am using a time system plugin that comes with it’s on screen tints for day and night. The plugin works but the light graphic are displaying under the screen tints and it makes the lights look dark and dull is there any way I can display the plugins light effects above MogHunters time system screen tints. I have been having the same problem with Terrax lighting. I would prefer to use your plugin because it is more simple and easier to use.

    here is my Image from my debug map on how the plugin shows up.

    Here is MogHunter Time System plugin


  3. Hello! I found this plugin fantastic, but in conjunction with the Mog Time System I have a problem.
    For example, while it is daytime, there is no light (no comment), but at dusk the light should appear (with the comment on a new page, with the switch to set night), but it does not appear. Just when I leave the map and return, as if it needed updating. Is there any way to fix this?


  4. The problem with lights not responding to a switch condition is still a problem. If I set a parallel event without a switch condition, it works fine.

    The second I tell the event I want a switch to determine if the parallel event runs, it runs but doesn’t do the light. I don’t know what is wrong but its rather disappointing


  5. Hello I started using your plugin and I have a basic light made, but I’m having some issues. First is that the light source seems fixed in the upper left corner no matter where the event is placed. Second the plugin has some issues it seems with Terrax Lighting and Kaus Ultimate Overlay. It only seems to work if placed beneath them, or if their turned off.


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