Quick Save Prompt – RPG Maker MV

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Quick Save Prompt

Author: Soulpour777

Download Plugin (Dropbox)

Download Plugin (Mediafire)

Download Plugin (Mega.nz)

This plugin allows you to prompt the save scene with a key when you’re inside the map.

For any plugins that uses the Input Keymap (such as adding new buttons to setup controls), place this plugin below it. Use the symbol keymap rather than the Key.

For the default Keymap:

tab // tab

ok // enter

shift // shift

control // control

control // alt

escape // escape

ok // space

pageup // pageup

pagedown // pagedown

left // left arrow

up // up arrow

right // right arrow

down // down arrow

escape // insert

pageup // Q

pagedown // W

escape // X

ok // Z

escape // numpad 0

down // numpad 2

left // numpad 4

right // numpad 6

up // numpad 8

debug // F9



One Reply to “Quick Save Prompt – RPG Maker MV”

  1. sory.. OOT
    do you have scipt that disable ‘all’ keymap.. the script that able to use for mobile device.. which We can type any key.. but that’s another case..

    I see the tutorial menu .. I wonder if you can make tutorial for creating to mobile ?!? My idea would be.. you give what plugins that you suggested using for mobile or something like idea, suggestion related to that..


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