RPG Maker Plugin (Upgrade) – Novel Message Plus

Novel Message Plus

Authors: Yoji Ojima, Sasuke Kannazuki

Additional Code: Soulpour777

DOWNLOAD (Version 1)

Use control character ‘\F’ to page break in novel mode.

NVL : Placement : X : Y : W : H


X is the horizontal indention of the text

Y is the vertical indention of the text

W is the width of the message box

H is the height of the message box

This would adjust the width and height, but this won’t support Word Wrapping. Please check my Word Wrapping

Plugin or check Yanfly’s Message System for any word wrapping feature.

NVL : ChoiceList : X : Y


X is the x coordinate of the choice box

Y is the y coordinate of the choice box


Default ChoiceList X and Default ChoiceList Y are eval values.

It can take both Number and Code Values.

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