News, Updates and the future of this site / blog

It’s been a long journey, has it?

I have mentioned this over my Patreon page (for my patrons) but I would be giving public announcement because I think this is very important for those who are asking for my updates. Basically, I have updated my MV to 1.3.1 and noticed that a few of my plugins are not working anymore. Therefore, I am bound to fix them each if ever error arises or that they are reported in this page with bugs.

Section 1: Channel and Patreon Content

Aside from making plugins, I will now add a few new content on my channel, which is the Let’s Play series for RPG Maker games as well as revving up my RPG Maker MV Plugin Development Tutorials, we we are going to make plugins from the scratch. You will be able to witness how I did the plugin, and which makes you also learn new stuff.

Section 2: Plugin Contents and Plugin Release

I have been doing experiments in MV recently. A LOT. I failed a lot and successful in few. These successful experiments are new plugins that I have been coding for a while now and they should be released for public use. I have been also thinking of rehashing my work in RPG Maker VXAce which is the Destiny Engine, which allows you to customize your own menu system and other parts of the default engine.

I also want to tell you guys that I will be releasing 4 plugins per month starting September. Why only 4? This is to make sure that what I release are actually free of complications or that it is not rushly done. I want it to be firm and worthwhile.

Section 3: Plugin Bug Fixes

Concerning my plugin bugs, I will start fixing them this September. I am very sorry if it gets a bit of a delay. I prioritized a few things and I will come back for this again. Anyway, I have decided to archive all finished or solved bug reports. This means that all bug reports that are finished will be archived and will have update sections on the post / thread itself. This is to make sure that all the concerned bugs that were fixed are solved and the solutions are available for download.

Being said all this, expect new content, updates and things from me in the future. Our journey does not end here and surely, there are more to see in the clear sky. Please wait, change is coming.


[MV] Custom Variables

MV – Custom Variables

Author: Soulpour777

DOWNLOAD (Dropbox)

What’s with this plugin?

This plugin allows you to create extra variables that are not handled by the default engine variables. This means these are variables you can manipulate aside from the default variables you have by default. You can create as many as you can.

It stores the variables in a list, starting from 0 on its counting.

To just access the value of a custom variable, do this on a script command:

where id is the id of the custom variable.

or do this on a plugin command:

cv val id

where id is the id of the custom variable.

Main Plugin Commands:

cv set index value

where index would be the number of the variable. Remember that counting starts from 0, not 1.
where value is the value of the variable.

For example:

cv set 0 10

this will set Custom Variable 0’s value as 10.

Other commands for other operations:

cv add index value
cv sub index value
cv mult index value
cv div index value
cv mod index value

where add = add custom variable with value
where sub = subtract custom variable with value
where mult = multiply custom variable with value
where div = divide custom variable with value
where mod = apply modulus on custom variable with value

If you want to check it via conditional branch, use the Conditional Branch and use the script option from tab 4 and write:

this.isEqualTo(index, value)
this.isGreaterThanOrEqual(index, value)
this.isLesserThanOrEqual(index, value)
this.isGreater(index, value)
this.isLesser(index, value)
this.isNotEqual(index, value)

where index is the number of the custom variable and value is the value you want the custom variable’s value to be compared of.

For example:

this.isEqualTo(0, 10)

What you are doing here is that you’re comparing the value of Custom Variable 0 to 10. Is custom variable 0’s value equal to 10?

You can also do this for string (only works for isEqualTo command)

this.isEqualTo(0, ‘Hi There’)

This will check if the value is equal to ‘Hi There’.

If you are going to place the custom variable’s value as a string or a word, use ” marks to it. Example:

cv set 0 ‘Tifa’

this would set Custom Variable 0’s value as Tifa.
Necromedes for the idea of this plugin.

RPG Maker MV Plugin – Limit Item Gain


Author: Soulpour777



This plugin allows you to set the limits of each item that you can only carry or gain in your disposal.

Overwritten pieces of code:


Change Items, Change Weapons, Change Armors

If any plugin that involes gaining items, weapons and armors are inside your plugin list, place this plugin ABOVE them.


On the item, weapon or armor note box, add this note tag:

<limit: x>
where x is the limited amount of items you can carry for that certain item.

RPG Maker Plugin (Upgrade) – Novel Message Plus

Novel Message Plus

Authors: Yoji Ojima, Sasuke Kannazuki

Additional Code: Soulpour777

DOWNLOAD (Version 1)

Use control character ‘\F’ to page break in novel mode.

NVL : Placement : X : Y : W : H


X is the horizontal indention of the text

Y is the vertical indention of the text

W is the width of the message box

H is the height of the message box

This would adjust the width and height, but this won’t support Word Wrapping. Please check my Word Wrapping

Plugin or check Yanfly’s Message System for any word wrapping feature.

NVL : ChoiceList : X : Y


X is the x coordinate of the choice box

Y is the y coordinate of the choice box


Default ChoiceList X and Default ChoiceList Y are eval values.

It can take both Number and Code Values.