RPG Maker MV Plugin – Battle HUD Rune

SOUL_MV Battle HUD Rune
Author: Soulpour777


This is a battle hud to replace your normal base Battle Status. Version Rune
Credits for Resources (portraits)

Makapri (Site 1 | Site 2)

Date Created: 6:44PM, June 2, 2016
Date Finished: 1:05PM, June 3, 2016


Place all your images at img / BattleHUD / Rune.
If the directory is not existent, create one.

I. Configuring Messages In Battle

Messages when the battle starts could be very annoying. This is in the fact that you can see what enemies you’re fighting in the screen anyway. If you’re using Yanfly’s Battle Engine Core, you can even see their names when selecting, so it’s pretty much useless to have the start message anyway.

However, if you want the messages to still run as normal, the parameters:
Show Battle Message – shows the battle message by default
Start Message Position – the position of the message box.
The value of this parameter must be a number (in formula or integer).
It only accepts three, however, which are:
0 – Places the message on top of the screen
1 – Places the message in the middle of the screen
2 – Places the message in the bottom of the screen
Start Message Background – the background of the message box. The value of this parameter must be a number (in formula or integer). It only accepts three, however, which are:
0 – Shows the message in its normal window.
1 – Shows the message in dim / black background.
2 – Shows the message in transparent background.

II. Setting up the Commands

Party Command means the Fight and Escape commands when you start the battle.

Actor Command Window means the command list of the actor on his/her actions, whether to Attack, Use a Skill, Use and Item or Guard.

Enemy Window means the list of targettable enemies during enemy target selection.

Columns means the horizontal orientation of the commands as well as the value of how many things you want to see in the window. In this plugin, the Col means the maximum columns and items you want to see in the window (visible by default).

W stands for Width.
H stands for Height.
X stands for the x position / coordinate of the certain window.
Y stands for the y position / coordinate of the certain window.
Col stands for Max Columns.
Align stands for Text Alignment.
Opacity stands for the transparency of the object.

The values that should be entered for all of these should be in formula or integer value, except the alignment, where the values should be left, center or right

III. Actor Sprites

The actor sprites (can be face or image) are separately drawn from the base of the hud. They can be designed definitely how the user of this plugin desires.


3 Replies to “RPG Maker MV Plugin – Battle HUD Rune”

  1. Hi there,
    I am currenty trying to get the Rune battle hud working but I am encountering a problem everytime. The HP/MP/TP bars of the first character either get completely or halfway cut off everytime. Like this: http://imgur.com/a/w9efL

    Do you mabe have an idea why that could be?
    Thank for already for taking your time.


  2. Hello , how are you ?
    I got a question for you , I’m want to use your battle hud plugin , do you know how I can change the color for the hp digits ? I’m using Sfont , and I want to be able to change color for hp digit , mp digit and tp digit . That way I can use different fonts.
    Any ideas ?
    Thx :)


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