RPG Maker MV Plugin – Battle HUD Factory

RPG Maker MV Plugin – Battle HUD Factory

DOWNLOAD (First Version)

Note: The face index version was requested by Izeck Kattz on my youtube channel video. The Face Index Version would now use the face index instead of the actor’s name, this way, the actor bust would not be limited by merely what the name is.

DOWNLOAD (Face Index Version)

Each category is sliced in this plugin so that the user can dissect which is which in their deployment of the HUD. Let it be known that the HUD resources should be inside the img / BattleHUD / Factory folder. If this folder directory is none existent, please do create.

I will be explaining how to use this plugin per parameter steps.

All tagged X | talks about the x coordinate.
All tagged Y | talks about the y coordinate.
All tagged H | talks about the height.
All tagged W | talks about the Width.
All tagged Col | talks about the columns of the selectable command on screen.
All tagged Opacity | talks about the transparency of the object in the screen.


This plugin is compatible with Yanfly’s ATB.
If you’re using the ATB, change the HUD_Background to HUD_Background_ATB.


I erased the original start message about the enemies emerging on screen. You can reset by going to the START | Battle Message and set it to true.


This is the margining of the HUD being displayed on screen. Height value means higher distance between the huds, while lower value means lower distances between the huds. This is if you’re using a higher resolution of the windows and you have 5 to 10 members, then you can use this to shorten the distances of the drawn HUD.

This is the Fight and Escape Command. By plugin default, it is placed above, where its image overlay (from COMMAND IMAGES) are located above it. You can set up the coordinate of it as well.


This is the actor’s command window. This is where you set up whether you want to attack, use a skill / item and guard.


This is the window dedicated on you selecting a skill the current selected actor will use.


This is the window that shows the status of the player. However, since we are using the HUD, this means that we don’t need it. However, I created a dummy to create the states that the actor is suffering / has in battle. By plugin default, I erased it from the screen.


Ah, yes. If you want to show the faces of the actor in battle (or even the bust or battler, really…),
you can do it with this plugin. It sets it below the HUD so you can show the illusion of them
facing you or the enemies in battle. Please be informed that the images are still stored on the directory mentioned above.


These are the two brown images you see on top of the battle screen. I inlined it with the  coordinates of the windows so it fits well.


The arrow is something you see when you select the actor when using a skill. This is only
recommended if you’re using one to four actors in battle, since the commands that tie with
it in the ARROW CUSTOM setup denotes the  movement of the arrow in 4 different corners
of the screen. It has a few animation as well, which may come in slow for wide screen  games not unless the user edits the FWD and BWD parameters.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can we use formula / math functions inside the numerical type of parameters like the speed and movement of the arrow or the x coordinate of the window?

A: Yes you can. They are eval methods, so you can definitely play around them and the way you want the positions to be given for each object / item.

Graphics are edits and rehash from the graphics I used on my Rune Factory HUD, credits to Neverland.


8 Replies to “RPG Maker MV Plugin – Battle HUD Factory”

  1. Hiya, Soul.

    I’m loving this plugin and having a lot of fun customizing the hud.

    After tinkering with this for a while. I have a few issues. Two to be exact. The width of the status window doesn’t change and the putting any value in HUD Background X will not move the image.

    Other than that everything else works fine.



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