RPG Maker Plugin – Sequence Message Bust + Picture Motion

Sequence Message Bust and Picture Motion Plugin

DOWNLOAD (Mirror 1)

DOWNLOAD (Mirror 2)

Sequence Message Bust Plugin


This plugin allows you to show a bust while in sync with the message.


The bust images should be placed in the img / pictures folder.

The bust should be in accordance to the face image name and index used in the message box. For example, if you’re showing Harold, then an image named Actor1_0 should be in the pictures folder. This is because Harold’s face is from Actor1 face image name and the face index of Harold’s face from the image is 0.

Image Index:

0 1 2 3

4 5 6 7

Plugin Commands:

SOUL_MV FadeIn true

^ this will set the fade in style to be activated. Fade In allows to make a slight fade in effect when the bust is shown in the screen.

When this is activated, cycling is automatically turned off.

Accepted values:



SOUL_MV Cycle true

^ this will set the cycling to be activated. This will then use sequence of bust images instead of fading in. When this is activated, fade in is automatically turned off.

Accepted values:



SOUL_MV ChangeSequence x

^ where x is the number of sequence you want to set as the new sequence number for the specific bust.




The sequences should be in accordance to your Bust Sequence Number value. Sequence are started to be numbered by 1. For example, if your Bust Sequence Number is 3 and you want a sequence for Actor1_0, bust images with the name Actor1_0_1, Actor1_0_2, Actor1_0_3 should be in the pictures folder.

For example, we set the action for Ryuuichi:


These will be the motion of Ryuuichi when the bust is shown.

Picture Motion Plugin


This plugin allows you to show an image that creates sequence timers so it appears as if you’re showing a film reel / motion picture or a gif like set of sequenced images.


Place all images in the img / Pictures folder.

What does it mean by Prefix?

In your plugin commands, the imagename is a prefix. It means that if you have an image sequence of Picture_1, Picture_2, Picture_3 for example, the image name should be Picture, not Picture_ or Picture_1.

The command only needs the first word.

Plugin Commands:

Start : PictureMotion : imagename : speed : x : y : frames


imageName is the name of the image you are using. (Prefix Only)

speed is the speed of the sequence for interchanging

x is the x coordinate of the motion picture

y is the y coordinate of the motion picture

frames is the number of frames your motion picture has


Start : PictureMotion : Picture : 5 : 250 : 300 : 6


These for example, are the motion picture frames for the picture shown on the screen. Each has frames, so you can always change it via the plugin command.

If you are interested how I did the video demonstration, this is how I did it:

motion1 motion2 motion3

Note: Images used in this plugin are for testing and demonstration purposes only. It is subject under fair use and no copyright infringement intended.


6 Replies to “RPG Maker Plugin – Sequence Message Bust + Picture Motion”

  1. Good Plugin (and only one that i found for picture animation), so thanks for that. I would have thought need a little more function for plagin:
    1. Add Scale function. Like – Start : PictureMotion : image name : speed : scale x : scale y :Position x : Position y : frames
    2. Add Reverse. In this moment animation looks like 1-2-3-4-5..1-2-3… .So will be good to add switch for reverse, then animation wiil be look like 1-2-3-4-5…4-3-2-1. For example, i have 32 frames for animation, without “reverse” i should create duplicate of them to make full loop.
    3. In this moment all animation under pictures. Will be good to make switch that allow animation be over picture (for add background for animation) or like now with pictures, every new over previos (I show picture, then show animation over picture, then show new picture over animation and stop animation) That allow to seamlessly integrate animation into the scene.

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