『RPG Maker MV Plugin』 Tales of Vesperia Custom Menu System

『RPG Maker MV Plugin』 Tales of Vesperia Custom Menu System

Author: Soulpour777

Download (Mirror 1)

Download (Mirror 2)


Date of Creation: July 7 to 8, 2016


This plugin converts your default menu to the Tales of Vesperia Menu Style.


  • Main Menu Interface
  • Item Interface
  • Equip Interface
  • Skill Interface
  • Status Interface

Three optional things added:

  • Options
  • Save
  • End


If you’re looking for a easily customizable type of menu screen and compatible with other plugins about menus, ToV menu is not one of them.


Many of the base plugins are recreated to avoid incompatibility with other core scripts that people use. I also separated each scene so it’s easier for wide use. For example, if you only want to use the main menu, you can always disable everything using the BASE parameters.


This plugin also uses computer / mobile Date classes.

Place all your images in the img / SOUL_MENU / Vesperia folder.

If it is not existent, please create the directory.



The flashing actors are called Available Actors. You must place their proper graphic by id significance. For example, if your first actor is Harold, you should place the actor’s id as the name of the image. Since Harold is Actor 1, then it should be 1.png. The status busts should be according to the actor’s name.


The base parameters are all about the things that you want to do for the base of the menu. This includes if you want to use only the main menu, the skill, etc. It also includes the background you are going to use for all the menu scenes.


The main menu command is the window such as the Item, Skill, Equip and so on. It is not shown on the screen because from the menu, they are now represented via buttons, which is indicated by the button and the floating cursor.


The status window is the ones that show the actor’s HP, MP and Experience meter.


Gold: Shows the Gold Window on the Main Menu.

Time: Shows the GAME TIME.

Location Window: Shows the display name of the map the character is in.


The Experience Text is talking about the word ‘NEXT’ to label the needed experience of the character before his / her next level.


There are two cursors. The one used in the menu and the ones used in selection. The selection cursor is smaller due to the constraints of the window cursor’s rectangle.


The label means the images shown on top of the menu screen that tells you what and where you are in the main menu. There are two sets, the one for the main menu and the ones for each scene. They can be individually changed from the plugin manager.

Want to modify the design for your own variant? Included in the download is the PSD files that I worked with for the design:


Additional Icon and Busts from: http://fayforest.sakura.ne.jp/

Item Icons from: DS Pack

Additional Graphic:
Tales of Vesperia


14 Replies to “『RPG Maker MV Plugin』 Tales of Vesperia Custom Menu System”

  1. Hey, nice plugin.
    Me and many other users use Yanfly’s plugins for scenes like equipment, items, status etc… So is it possible to provide compatibility for Yanfly’s plugins? So far, I think it is compatible with only the Skills scene.
    Also, I want to be able to be able to add additional menu items that I included using the Yanfly Main Menu Manager, e.g a quest book, but I see no such option to add custom items in the plugin’s settings.


  2. Hey there; I’m trying to use this script for a fan game I’m attempting to do, but I’ve run into a pretty big problem on the Skill screen. When I go to use an ability in the skill menu, this happens:

    Only thing I’ve done to the script is remove the “Nickname” field from the Status screen; I haven’t touched anything else.


  3. How would you alter this so it can be used on a higher resolution. Right now I am using 1600 x 900 resolution. Any help would be appreciated


  4. I have a huge issue with the “available actors”.
    I don’t get why but any time the charcters are not in the 1,2,3,4 exact order.
    Like, for instance if my 1st actor is placed to 3rd position in the group.
    The placement of the “available actors” is all messed up.
    And if the 1st actor is not present.
    If I just have the 2nd character and not the first one I can’t even access the menus…
    Please I don’t know what to do…
    I call for help…


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