RPG Maker MV Plugin – Guts Effect (Valkyrie Profile)

RPG Maker Plugin – Guts Effect (Valkyrie Profile)
Author: Soulpour777

DOWNLOAD (Dropbox)


Date of Creation: 6 / 27 / 2016

Current Version: 1


Guts will allow party members to automatically revive themselves when  vanquished. This saves you from having to waste a turn and use a revive potion.  The chances of revival will increase as skill level increases.


You can change the Guts Counter individually for each actor at will by using a plugin command:

Guts operation actorId value

where operation is the operation keyword.
where actorId is the id of the actor you want to add the guts counter of.
where value is the value of the guts counter you want to either add or subtract

Key Words:

Add – addition
Sub – Subtraction
Mul – Multiplication
Div – Division

Each Key Word first letter should be in CAPITAL letter for it to work.

Example of the plugin command:

Guts Add 1 10

^ This for example would add 10 guts counter to actor 1.

Guts Counter Switch

The Guts Counter Switch takes the value of a switch ID number the plugin user must define in order for the level up guts increase to work. What this means is if the Guts Counter Switch is ON, the plugin would be able to increase the guts counter of the actor via a chance (Guts Level Up Chance). If it is not ON, then simply, when the actor levels up, the guts counter will not go up.

Guts Level Up Chance

This is the chance value for the actor to gain +1 to its Guts Counter. This goes by the formula that if the Guts Level Up Chance is met, then it would do a +1, if not, then there would be no increase. It is set by 100 at best. If the plugin user placed 50, a random variable will be rolled out and if the variable is greater than or equals to 50, then +1 to guts.


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