RPG Maker MV PLUGIN – Enemy Resist Death

SOUL_EnemyResistDeath Plugin
Author: Soulpour777

DOWNLOAD (Dropbox)

Current Version: 1.0
Date Created: 6 / 27 / 2016


This plugin allows a death resist counter for enemies. By death resist counter, this means that the enemy will revive itself as long as the death resist counter is not 0. This is to have enemies that will stand up and revive themselves not unless you really kill them and drain their death counters.

This plugin does not have or require any parameters.


In your Enemy’s note box, place this tag:

<deathResist: x>

where x is the times that the enemy can resist death.

For example, you placed:

<deathResist: 1>

The enemy would resist death ONE time.



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