[RMV] Loot Crate

RPG Maker MV Plugin – Loot Crate



In order to use this plugin, you must place this note tag on your Item notebox:



It means that whatever is inside the lootcrate note tag, would be the ones included to be unpacked when the certain item tagged with it is used. We have three commands:

gainItem(itemId, amount);
gainWeapon(weaponId, amount);
gainArmor(armorId, amount);

where itemId, weaponId, armorId is the id of the specific item, weapon or armor you want to be unpacked, while the amount is how many of those items do you want gained.

For example, I want to gain items 1, 2, 3 and 4…I can say place something like this on my item note box:

gainItem(1, 1);
gainItem(2, 1);
gainItem(3, 1);
gainItem(4, 1);

Now, when I use the item with this note tag, what it does is it is going to consume the item you used and unpack items 1, 2, 3, 4.

Same goes if you want some weapon and armor instead of items:

gainWeapon(8, 1);
gainArmor(12, 1);
gainArmor(13, 1);

For random items, you can do:

gainItem(Math.floor(Math.random() * 10), 1);

It lets you randomize the value whether you want
iten 1, 2… randomly. The *10 on the formula
is the value of the randomized number. That means
from item 1 to 10.

This works for Item Noteboxes only. This is to simulate Loot Crates, as seen in real life.

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