Month of June Reports and Progress

Today is the 18th of June and there has been a lot of progress with all I do. I will be doing a month report of what has been achieved and what will be done throughout the rest of the month of June to July.

MV Plugins Fixes

I have fixed a few reported plugins that have had its errors and bugs. You can find both Round 1 and 2 posts here:

Plugin Updates for MV’s Newer Version

I have noticed that since there has been changes with the newer MV’s library, I would have to make sure that my plugins are still working in it. I would have to update my engine as well for this. Will all my plugins that would have complications with the new engine be updated? Yes.

Retro Gaming Night on YouTube Channel

As you may have noticed, I have recently continued uploading gameplays of old console games. I played Puyo Puyo before and I thought of continuing them by playing some games in the NES, SNES and Sega Genesis. Aside from my MV plugin videos and tutorials, I will be uploading the videos every time I have the chance to play.


I have been recently doing commissions, so my time is divided with Patreon and the signed commissions. I will be finishing them first before any other tutorials are to be posted. Once the commissions are done, I will be back doing more tutorials.

Real Life Work

I have to include this because I have to take a rest for a while. There’s a near upcoming event (Tanabata Matsuri) and I am a part, so I would have to concentrate on that for the rest of the two month period. Will there be plugins posted after my break? Yes. The patrons would of course have them first but to be released publicly after all my matters here in the PH is finished.

So anyways, yeah, this will be it for now and see you soon. Enjoy my gameplay of Recca!


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