RPG Maker Plugin – Soul Ultimate Title Screen

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Soul Ultimate Title Screen

by: Soulpour777

Priority Fixed Errors:

  • Fixed the continue bug.
  • Fixed the continue image bug.
  • It might be laggy for version 1.3.1

Download Version 2.1 (Dropbox)

Download Version 2.1 (Mediafire)

Download Version 2.1 (Mega.nz)


Are you tired using the same title screen plugin over and over again with your multiple RPG Maker MV games? Are you tired seeing the same particle system and design overused in your games? Introducing Soul Ultimate Title Screen, the plugin that would allow you to design your title screen the way you want it, the way you want it remembered!


  • Mouse Supported, Adjustable, Multiple Buttons
  • Multiple Fogs
  • Multiple Overlay Images
  • Adjustable Logo
  • Extra Objects
  • Mouse Effects
  • Particle System (Built In)


Current Version: 1.0 as of 6 / 13 / 2016

  • Original Creation Date

Each button is categorized within Position and Image. X and Y determines what part in the screen they will be displayed. Each has their own function and you can use your mouse or tap from your mobile (once exported) to select it.


A. X and Y Axis

There are only two properties of the logo, the x and y axis. You can place the logo anywhere you want, as opposed to the default centered logo. The logo is no other than the Title Logo Image, that you can set up via the plugin parameter.

Other images aside from title backgrounds should be in img / ultimate_title folder


A. Image

You can set up which image is used for each action that is executed by the button, either active or inactive.

B. X and Y Axis

You can setup the image’s position via the X and Y property of the buttons.


Fogs have Scrollable properties. It means that you can scroll them both horizontally, vertically or diagonally depending on the speed and direction you placed on the Scroll X and Scroll Y properties.

You can also decide whether you want to use them or not using the Use Property.


A. Property

The title objects are images that can be displayed on the screen that have three properties. It can be a:

Sprite – a Sprite Object.

TilingSprite – a scrollable image.

Sprite_Button – you can tie in a function once the image is clicked / tapped.

B. Action

When you use the ‘website’ action for the title object, you can go to the WEB tag and place down the website URL that the game engine would go to once the title object is clicked / tapped.

When you use the ‘command’ action for the title object, you can go to the CMD tag and place down the function code that the game engine would execute once the title object is clicked / tapped. The user of this plugin is advised that you only use the command property if you have an advanced knowledge in JavaScript or you know what functions you can place inside the command. If they don’t exist, it will return you an error.


The Chapter System allows you to change the background used in the title screen depending on what chapter currently the game is in. This only works if you are in game, changed the chapter and return to the title screen.

To change a chapter, do this plugin command:

Soul_UltimateTitleScreen Chapter_Set x

where x is the chapter number you want the title to change into.

The title backgrounds should be inside img / titles1

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