RPG Maker MV Plugin – Main Menu Orion

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Main Menu Orion

Author: Soulpour777


Current Version: 1.0

Compatible with: YEP_CoreEngine and YEP_MainMenuManager.

If both plugins are used, the order should be:





This plugin allows you to give your menu a new design, look and feel. It gives you the vibe of those RPGs you played, but still gives you a fresh look of your game.

This plugin is very Yanfly friendly, and you will surely be able to use this plugin with his.


Playtime Window – this menu has a feature that can display your current game time.

Location Window – this menu has a feature that can display your current location in the game.

CustomWindow – this menu has a feature that allows the developer to display desired text content below. It doesn’t have to be a mini quest, it can be the game’s title, a quote, etc.

Menu Background – you can change the main menu background.


You may have noticed the Menu Help Parameters labeled from 1 to 100. What are those?

If you’re using Yanfly’s Main Menu Manager, he specified 100 extra menu items that you can add for your menu. This plugin supports that by default, so you can the text dialogue displayed above for each item. The custom menu items will still work without the Yanfly Menu Manager.


With this plugin, you can change the main menu background.

Place all background images at img / system folder.


This plugin has a script command as follows:

$gameSystem.miniQuestTXT = x;

where x should be a string, or in other words, set of words or text.


$gameSystem.miniQuestTXT = “Current Quest: Find Lala’s Cat!”;

The mini quest will be displayed on the custom window on the lower left corner of the menu.


Q: I always see that the parameters are tagged with eval.

What is an eval?

A: eval is a function that basically converts a string into a function or interpreters any given value into function or numerical figure. So in that sense, if you know a bit of javascript, you can input a string function so the eval can convert it for you. This lessens the developer’s time to worry what the exact measurement or x / y position they want to draft their windows in, if they know a variable inside the scripts that they can manipulate.


2 Replies to “RPG Maker MV Plugin – Main Menu Orion”

  1. This looks rather nice and it’s easy to customize, great work!

    Currently not using a background image results in a black background, would it be possible to retain the vanilla effect of a blurred map screen as the background?


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