MV Plugins Updates and Bug Fix – ROUND 1


Each report asked by the users of the plugins have been addressed properly. If there are still problems that exists over the plugins, please comment down below. I read each comment and messages and list all the problems given and check them up and updated those plugins.

Animated Title Legendia (Current Version is now 1.5)

  • Press Start Button is now currently available for touch pad / mobile support.

Book of People (Current Version is now 2.8)

  • Each section is now divided and can be shown individually within the plugin parameters. This is to allow the user to show the things they only want inside the book.
  • Portrait error fixed. If the data is not available, the portrait will not show.
  • Access in the Menu is now available to activate or deactivate using a plugin command.

Caliburn Menu System – Body Block Error (Caliburn CMS 2 Version 2.0)

  • Body Block error for blocks 2 to 4 fixed. Download the current Caliburn CMS Part 2 plugin.


Introducing the body block parameters. You can now setup the body blocks individually where they should stop. This is to allow the Yanfly Core users (who uses higher resolution for their games) allowed to set up the body blocks inside the menu.

Character Select (Current Version 2.5)

  • Plugin Command to change the Start and End round up of available actors now available. This is to create hidden characters available later on inside the game.



One Reply to “MV Plugins Updates and Bug Fix – ROUND 1”

  1. i found bug
    i can’t called it a bug.. is just the parameter is not right..
    I suggest for future script.. the filename don’t have any space.. or you can separate with ‘_’


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