Crossfade Fog System

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Crossfade Fog System

Plugin Description

This is a plugin that allows you to do multiple fogs. This is a standalone plugin.


In order for you to create or call a fog, you must write this in the Plugin Command event:
soul_mv fog set fogHierarchy fogName opacity crossfade/notcrossfade xscroll yscroll

fogHierarchy is the letter of the fog you’re going to call. You can call

up to 4 types of fog at the same time. It is indicated by letters A, B, C and D.

fogName is the file name you used for the fog you want to use and

show in the screen. For example, your fog’s file name is ForestFog, then

it should be written so.

opacity is the visibility or transparency of your fog when shown in the screen.

crossfade/notcrossfade is indicated by whether true or false. if true, then

the crossfade is used, while if false, then crossfade is not used.

xscroll is the scroll speed and x axis of the fog.

yscroll is the scroll speed and y axis of the fog.

For example:

soul_mv fog set A ForestFog 100 true 1 1

The plugin command above indicates fog #1 (or A)

will show ForestFog, with the opacity of 100,

crossfading, and scrolls at x:1 and y:1 with the same speed.


DOWNLOAD (Mirror 1)

DOWNLOAD (Mirror 2)



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