[RMV] Nickname Changer

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Nickname Changer


By default, RMMV only allows you to change nickname via the editor. It means, that whatever nickname you want to change for your character is NOT AVAILABLE. However, with this plugin, you would now be able to do it. This plugin allows you to change your character’s nickname in game.

For you to change a character’s nickname, you have to put in the proper plugin command that has the following keywords:

SOUL_MV Nickname

and after this, the Actor Name and the Number of Characters. So, if you want to change Actor 1 (by default Harold)’s nickname, with 12 characters, this would be the command:

SOUL_MV Nickname 1 12

1 is the actor id and 12 would be the number of characters for the nickname.

Place all needed images in the img / pictures folder.


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