[RMV] Caliburn CMS (Custom Menu System)

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Caliburn Custom Menu System / Caliburn CMS

Authors: Soulpour777, Yanfly, Blackmorning

Main CMS Plugins – Soulpour777

Status Menu Core and Add-ons: Yanfly Plugins

BM_EquipCore: Blackmorning


This plugin allows you to change your boring menu into a more lively, well designed and animated type of Menu.

Instructions and Order of Plugin:

Order of Plugins

For more instructions, please check each plugin’s HELP file.


Q: I am seeing a sprite instead of  the bust. What’s wrong?

A: If you are seeing a sprite of the actor instead of the actor bust, you must make sure that you’ve placed a note tag it needs in order to show the bust.



Make sure there’s no space between the meta tag.

Q: I am not using BlackMorning’s Equip plugin, is it possible to use a different one?

A: Yes. However, you must also delete the Equip_Ext plugin, as it only works for BlackMorning’s specific plugin.

Q: I am using the BM_EquipCore. However, I encountered an error. It says 0 is undefined whenever I go and equip an item. Can this be solved?

A: You are probably using the old version of her plugin. Try to check the latest version.

Q: I can use the Keyboard, but not the touchpad. I can set it to work for the touchpad, but it also restricts the use of the other functions. Is this normal?

A: This plugin was based from the AltMenu and what I did was to base it off a container (an array) that they are grouped, not separated. That means each of them are grouped so they would be animated. Please give me a message if you want both the functions to work. It might be something long to update, but if it works out for you, then I’ll try to fix or make an extension for it.

Q: The Item scene lags a lot. What happened?

A: I carelessly did not dispose the images. Please download the latest version, I have removed the images upon termination. Thank you.

Q: I am using a different resolution. Is there a way to change the block movements that would encompass the resolution I am using?

A: Yes. To do that, check Caliburn Menu System Part 2, and on the plugin manager, check the Body Block Layout Parameters. You can see the XPos and YPos. That is actually the starting block. 


These can be set up so they would match your resolution. You can also set the speed of their scrolling movement.

For any other update concerns, please do message me from my contact board. I have received all the mails the last time and has been addressing them the fullest to my attention. Without tarrying you long, this is the Super Updated Version 6.

SUPER UPDATED (Version 6)- DOWNLOAD PLUGIN + Resources and Layout (DropBox)


You might notice that I had it based a lot from the Alternate Menus of the Kadokawa Plugins, right? That is because I had it as my base for this plugin. I made the buttons, the animations, the background changes and the other things as well. The problem with this plugin was that I made them grouped rather than it being separated. I might be doing a separated version of it, so that the buttons won’t rely on animation but simply on graphic change. This way, both touchpad and gamepad would work perfectly just fine.

The plugin on itself would work with different menu plugins, as long as it doesn’t touch anything beyond the graphic aspect. I am using Yanfly’s plugins alongside with it because I believe most Rpg Maker users are using his plugin. I made it as plugin friendly as possible so no errors would occur. But if anything comes up, I’d update.


  • Yoji Ojima and Sasuke KANNAZUKI – for the alternate menu where I based this plugin and made it as my framework to build Caliburn CMS.
  • Yanfly – For his menu related plugins I used alongside this plugin.
  • BlackMorning – For her menu related plugin I used alongside this plugin.
  • Billy Lamberta – For the pulse animation in HTML5. I learned the animation from there.

50 Replies to “[RMV] Caliburn CMS (Custom Menu System)”

  1. I love the looks of it.
    I have an issue though, I can use keyboard input to select the menus, but mouse doesn’t work by default. It will be good if we are allowed to use both mouse and keyboard inputs at the same time, like it is with the default menu.


        1. Hi Kalopsia,

          It will be implemented soon, but I would have to reconstruct the plugin as there are things I’ve done here that are predefined. Hope you can wait till the next biggest update.



  2. Hi there this is awesome menu plugin.But i changed the resolution of my game.Now i cant change the second and other heroes background block position.I looked the help section but couldent find anything :S can you help me?


  3. Hi, this is a cool looking menu, but I have a question that wasn’t touched in your description or in the video:

    Can we add/edit the menus available, or is this fixed?


    1. You can add your own menu items. It is best that if you use Yanfly’s Main Menu Manager, you can use the menu items there and add your own custom from my plugin for the image buttons.


  4. I tried setting this up in a test project and all I’m running is the plugins included with the full package. I’m also using the updated file for CSM 2. However, when I run the game, it says that it failed to load: img/Menus?Caliburn/equip_m.png. I have ensured that everything was copied over correctly, but I cannot find this image anywhere.


    1. equip_m.png file isnt in the files you download it i had the same error just coppy one image and change its name to equip_m.png


        1. And now I have character sprites running around on my character screen on each picture. I still have the CMS 2 update and I installed that, but to no avail. I’m sorry if I’m creating issues for you. I feel bad. Everything else works fine, though! It’s very nice! I applaud you!


  5. Hello. I have a problem with displaying the bust. I’m reading the instructions I do not understand what I should do.

    would you be able to tell me what’s wrong with these screenshots? I say thank you in advance and menu plugin is the most beautiful I have ever seen ^ – ^

    PS. sorry for my terrible English I’m not very good

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi there, I’m using it to create a game for Android and iOS, and I’m trying to put the option of “Touchpad Index CTRL” in true, when I do, the Touch works, but only to select the categories, but is not working to enter to that Sub-Menus, any idea about how to fix it?


      1. i believe Yanfly has done something on the items that may trigger errors, but I haven’t tested this with his plugin. If by any chance you have found an error, please send me a report. Thank you very much.


          1. You mean you want to make the window show more than 4 characters, correct? You can use Yanfly’s Screen Resize (from his core engine) and then edit the plugin to accept more than 4 members on the window. I might add this soon just in case.


  7. Hi SoulPour777, i am trying to use this plugin but i keep getting the same error, “TypeError – Undefined is not a function”, i’ve tried removing all plugins to see if there was one that was conflicting with this plugin, but nothing worked, i’ve even tried creating a new project and put the plugins in the right order, all images are in the pictures folder, but still get the same error. can you please help me out.


    1. Update* I’ve tried the list of scripts one by one, and apparently the only problem is with the ‘Soul_MV_Caliburn_CMS1,2,3&4 and Soul_MV_BM_Equip_Ext’. When all 5 of them are off, everything works fine, though i can’t get the Caliburn CMS menu, i can get my default menu but with the Profile Status page, and BM_Equip scene. I really want to use you’re menu, but i’m not sure what’s the problem.


      1. I believe this is because Blackmorning, the one I used her plugin as a base, may have something that Yanfly actually edited. I advice that if your intention is to use this menu, most of Yanfly’s plugins are to be turned off. I haven’t made this plugin really friendly with his, but I might do a plugin that maybe compatible with his soon.


  8. Is it possible to move the actor bust graphics, i’ve tried looking through the 3 main files and can’t seem to figure out how to do so, I’m asking because no matter what I try to do, the busts are always a tad to far on the right of the background boxes. Also, Is it possible to use different hp, mp, and tp gauges in the other menus, as they appear too small on any other menu except for the main one.


    1. Update: I’ve been able to figure out the bust graphics, but I’m still wondering, is it possible to use different HP,MP, and TP gauges for the skill menu, and still use the default for the main menu?


  9. Will you give me a demo file?
    I can’t plug in the plugin and use it successfully……orz
    I would love to use this plugin, but I really do not know what went wrong.
    Your menu plugin is very beautiful!
    (My English is not good, I’m sorry)


  10. Hi, thanks for that great menu in first time. But i have a problem… Maybe im noob but when i put all plugin in good order i have a message “undefined is not a function” in a new game. What i miss ? Thanks


  11. Hi nice plugin but i have a question would it be possibil to get a changed version

    that would only place button images on all menü sides in x y like item stats and that on all menü sides ?


  12. Awesome! Thank you for this. :) Just a question, is the terms of use for the other plugins (Yanfly, Yoji…) integrated in your menu system the same as yours too? Thanks. :)


  13. Hi, it’s the first time to leave a comment at here.
    It’s awesome plug-in that I looking for. Anyways, I have question about this plug-in.
    In my case, there is hero selection event(which choosing male/female) that changing actors
    TV, SV, Face. I really hope to developing this plug-in but I don’t know how to change
    bust image with this plug in. And hope to know how to display in more than 4 characters.
    To me, I can make graphic resource according to this plug in, but scripting is poor.
    I request your favor of hint or clue to find my question.
    Thanks. I’ll gladly wait your comment.

    P.S. : I’m sorry that my English stuff is poor.


  14. Hi i changed my screen resolution and I’ve gotten everything set up fine except for the Face and character sprite (since i don’t use portraits), can you show me how to move those specifically back? please and thanks :D


    1. NVM i figured it out by trail and error lol! Thanks this is amazing btw.
      Another question tho. Is it possible to move the sprites so it’s not covering the actors face? Thanks :P


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