[RMV] Soul Audio EX

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Soul Audio EX
Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description:

This plugin serves as a music / sound mixer. Let me explain. By default, you can’t play two audio of the same type, may it be BGM, BGS, SE or ME at one same instance. This plugin does just that. So, if you are in an environment where there’s a torch and there’s a river, you want to play the BGS of the river, while keeping the BGS for the torch as well. Sadly, this is not possible by default, of which this plugin takes care of. This way, it saves your time playing it as a BGM and the other as a BGS. You can also use this for music oriented games, if the other person is playing the drums, and the other the string, you can mix the music with this plugin.

Plugin Features:

  • Music Mixing – Play two BGMs of the same instance together.
  • BGS / ME – Play two BGSes and MEs of the same instance together.
  • Play two SEs together at the same time.

What it does not do:
The plugin does not promise you crossfading.

DOWNLOAD (Mirror 1)


5 Replies to “[RMV] Soul Audio EX”

  1. Hey, Soul! It’s yuyu!

    I think I may have found a bug…the secondary music seems to keep playing when I exit to title screen…

    So far, I’m really liking this plugin, though! I’m going to try to use it to make fading between songs a little more pleasant~ :-)


    1. Hi again, Soul!

      I might’ve found another bug with this script. It looks like the plugin commands function isn’t aliased, so it keeps overwriting other plugin’s plugin commands. Just wanted to let you know. :-)


      1. Hi Yuyu, thanks for your report. I just came back from rpg maker and I was able to see the issues you addressed. I will get back on it this weekdays. Thanks for the report and will check it.


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