[RMV] Clicker Mini Game

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Clicker Mini Game

Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description:

This mimics the mini games of clicker games that are now seen in some games in Steam.

DOWNLOAD (Version 2.0) – with BUTTON MASH (Dropbox)

DOWNLOAD (Version 2.0) – with BUTTON MASH (Mediafire)


  • Clicker Mini Game – Mouse Clicking to generate score
  • Button Mash Mini Game – Using the keyboard to generate score



If you are using a keyboard and do not use the mouse, then you can still use this game, using the Button Mash Option. How to do this?

On the plugin parameter Button KEY MAP, you have to place which key is pressed so you can generate a score. By default, the KEY MAP is ‘up’. For more key information, you can use these:

tab // tab
ok // enter
shift // shift
control // control
control // alt
escape // escape
pk // space
pageup // pageup
pagedown // pagedown
left // left arrow
up // up arrow
right // right arrow
down // down arrow
escape // insert
pageup // Q
pagedown // W
escape // X
ok // Z
escape // numpad 0
down // numpad 2
left // numpad 4
right // numpad 6
up // numpad 8
debug // F9

Place all images in the img / clicker folder.

Plugin Commands:

start clicker
// starts the clicker game

set clicker background x
// sets the background image of the clicker game.
// where x is the image name

set clicker button x
// sets the button image of the clickker game.
// where x is the image name

set clicker additive x
// sets the score added per click
// where x is the value

set clicker frameWait x
// sets the frames to wait before the clicker game finishes.
// where x is the frame number.



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