Development – Dragon Saber Yitian RPG

It has been a while since I actually want to make a game. I have been investing my time doing plugins for the RPG Maker Engine, but I am thinking of finishing the remaining 10 plugins on my table. This is because I will be concentrating on making games for RPG Maker, instead of making plugins for the engine. I have been doing demos of smaller games, but I never found an idea of what to exactly do as a game.

The novel Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber has peaked my interest. If anyone is not familiar with the Wuxia genre of novels, this might be really new to you. Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber is a novel by Jin Yong / Louis Cha, about the story of Zhang Wuji, and the third of the Condor Trilogy:

I – Legend of the Condor Heroes

II – Return of the Condor Heroes

III – Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

The game I am thinking of developing is inspired from it, but since the novel has many arcs, I will only be concentrating on some of them. I am planning to do the Zhang Wuji story, until the battle with the Shaolin Monks and Zhou Zhiruo.

The game will be free, and I am thinking of hosting it in some other sites as well, such as Kongregate if possible. I am not yet certain if I will make an Android version that will be available for the Google Playstore. As of the moment, I want to concentrate on building the mechanics before deciding any release matter.

If anyone is interested what the novel is about, you can watch this Karaoke version of the 2009 TV Series, Hua Xia Ying Xong by Deng Chao.


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