[RMV] Battle Engine Lotus

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Battle Engine Lotus

Author: Soulpour777


This plugin allows you to create static and animated busts in your battle scene. The plugin allows you to do different battle orientations, which allows the plugin user to create a different visual effect to their games.

With the plugin’s current build, you can do:

  • Static Busts / Actor Portraits in Battle
  • Animated Busts / Animated Portraits for each action in battle

Note: The sprite actions follow the same way as how a normal Sideview Battler sprite behaves.

For installation, setups, example setups and different configs, please check the Manual that comes with the plugin.

Current Build: 2.0


  • Created a few line changes towards character margining  for each number of actors.
  • Added a new plugin parameter to use battle status from this plugin or use a different plugin’s feature.
  • Avoid collision with any battle status related plugin.

DOWNLOAD – Battle Engine 2.0 + MANUAL (Dropbox)


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