[RMV] Al Bhed Language

SOUL_MV – Al Bhed Language

Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description

This plugin allows you to emulate the Al Bhed Language of the Al Bhed People. What is Al Bhed Language? The Al Bhed language is spoken by the Al Bhed people. Working like a substitution cipher (a language system replacing certain letters with others), it shares the same syntax and grammar of English in the English versions of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. (Source: FF Wikia)

Download (Mirror 1)


2 Replies to “[RMV] Al Bhed Language”

  1. The link is still broken, but I got it by downloading “The Legend of Driftwood” , and copy
    this .js to my mapp.

    Just have one questions about this plugin;
    Is that possible to add none-English-Alphabet? like Japanese?
    I love Japanese and would be nice to add all Japanese symbol, like on that link you posted.

    I did try to edit your plugin and put in one extra line, but It won’t work :(
    I do know that I’m doing it right because I did add one extra “English-alphabet”
    and it worked fine.


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