[RMV] Retain Level on Class Change

SOUL_MV Retain Level on Class Change
Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description:

Whenever you change class, it feels like a cheat when you change class and return to level 1 after so much time grinding for experience when you are on the other level. I don’t like that. This snippet plugin allows you to retain your level when you change class from an event.

Author’s Note:
I am just bored and I am out of ideas to make, so I just did this for a whim.

Download (Mirror 1) – Dropbox


3 Replies to “[RMV] Retain Level on Class Change”

      1. Hello, Soul. Your download is inactive. Can you re-enable the download link? I find the plugin to keep a level regardless of any class changes really cool and look forward to having this in my game.


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