[RMV] Confusion Fix

SOUL_MV Confusion Fix
Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description

When you are stricken by the confusion state, you only do one action, which is you just Attack. You can confirm this if you check the Game Action. This plugin fixes that problem, where you can assign Attack, Guard, Wait, or any other skill you want to create that sets up a variation during confusion. This goes the same for Enemies.

Plugin Download:

Download (Mirror 1) – Github

Download (Mirror 2) – Dropbox


2 Replies to “[RMV] Confusion Fix”

  1. Can it be set to any random skill as in Attack, Guard, Wait or any other learnt skill that is available! (Remembering costs)
    Or maybe even they attack themselfs OR the opponent, which could be easily done if method 1 was possible because you could set it to do attack ( normal) or an attack skill which attacks the user and displays text!


    1. this plugin is not very useful, because….
      when setting random skills you cant set actor to use skills when confused only if the skill have been learnt
      when using confusion on enemies all of them will use the same skill pool when confused

      couldnt you just make enemy/actor randomly use what they know as a tag on skills?
      but then again this is a good plugin for if you wanna set a strong skill to be used if the enemy has confusion


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