Development Log #3: (SOUL_MV Particle System) Animated Menu Wallpaper – Spiral Coil

Hello, everyone. If you have been using my Animated Menu Wallpaper 1.0, I have to announce that I have changed its entirety. I am now using my own SOUL_MV Particle System which composes of three movements, however, as a test, I have renewed my Animated Menu Wallpaper into a new one, which uses the Spiral Coil Movement. To address the certain issue, please look at the original thread.

What is SOUL_MV Particle System?

It is a particle system that I have been studying to create and with the help of TheoAllen, I have created the SOUL_MV Particle System. Supposedly, this is a project where the particles are called between scenes and maps, but since I am still finishing the plugin, I have decided to show what it can do, by using the Spiral Coil movement and display it on the Menu.

Please be informed that the first Animated Menu Wallpaper that I have made is not entirely mine, so I have to say that anything beyond that point has been changed and thus, if you are using my plugins, it would be best that you use the SOUL_MV Animated Menu Wallpaper 1.2 instead.

What does the new Menu Wallpaper look like?

Basically it looks like the old Menu Wallpaper. For any compatibility issues with custom scenes such as Galv’s Magic Shard or other custom scenes, please report it to me here, so I can see what I can do, and what measures I can do to fix it for you.


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