[RMV] Control Battle Style

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Control Battle Style
Author: Soulpour777

Type: System / Database Utility

It is a trouble when you have battles that is better in front view and enemies enjoyable to fight in sideview but you can’t do that because the battle orientation is decided from the database. With this plugin however, would allow you to do just that.

This plugin allows you to change your battle orientation at will from a plugin command instead of the database.

Plugin Switch
The plugin switch means if the ID you have stated on the plugin manager is turned on, then you can use this feature. If it is turned off, you will just use the standard one you ticked from the database.


Plugin Commands:

use sideview true
use sideview false

where true allows you to do sideview and false to use frontal battles.

DOWNLOAD (Mirror 1) – Dropbox

DOWNLOAD (Mirror 1) – Github


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