[RMV] Battle Commands Feena

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Battle Commands Feena

Changes your old battle commands into a beautiful and fantastic design. This is an add on for Battle HUD Feena.


  • Actor Bust
  • Actor Turn Indicator
  • Actor Command Graphics

Asset Graphics:


Other Graphics:


DOWNLOAD (Mirror 1)


4 Replies to “[RMV] Battle Commands Feena”

  1. I like this plugin a lot but I cant seem to find out how to use party commands.
    I only have access to battle commands
    I cant even find out how to escape


    1. Hello. When you enter the battle and you see the animated feather, press down. When you enter the battle, the first image you see is actually the party commands. Just press up and down for both Party / Escape.


      1. Hmmm currently this is the only plugin running and I see the flee battle image in the Feena folder
        The enemy is also set to escape allowed
        However when the battle starts and I get to the party commands I only see Proceed to battle
        and pressing any arrow keys or other keys doesnt seem to do anything
        escape_command is also present in the party command list for plugin settings


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