[RMV] Battle Actor EX

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Battle Actor EX

This plugin shows the actor’s bust / picture when it is his turn for any commands. This is compatible to any vanilla project in MV or with the Battle Commands and HUD Feena.


  • Sliding Actor Bust Sprite

Updated Features:

  • You can now set each Battle Actor’s Bust Sprite using a plugin command, so you can make varied battle actors each time.


Place the plugin in the js / plugins folder. Install it from the Plugin Manager. Place all the images of the actors in the img / pictures folder.

By default, all battle busts of the actors that are being used are under their names. For example, if your character’s name is Aldo, then the image name of the battle bust should also be Aldo. There are times, you want to change it however. You can now do this in the newest version. To do it, use this plugin command:

BattleActors Change ActorID GraphicName

where ActorID is the actor id you want to change the battle bust
where GraphicName is the name of the image from the pictures folder you want to substitute the default one.

For example:


In here, you’ve set Actor 1’s battle bust into Aldo2.

Plugin Download:

Download Version 2 (Dropbox)


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