Development Log 2: SOUL_MV Plugins Bug Fixes

January 10, 2016

Bug Fixes and Updates

A few plugins have been updated from their older versions. Listed are the updates and the big fixes done on the certain plugin.

  • Book Of People Bug – The remove feature from the Book of People Plugin has been fixed. Download the current version here.
  • Skip Party Command Bug – The old Skip Party Command is retained. A compatibility fix for any Yanfly CTB user is also offered on the page comment and on the official forum. Check the updates on the page.
  • Battle Layers EX Bug – The specific layering has been removed for it not to cause any bugs. Since it does not depend on which layer it should be, everything will now be flexible whatever specified layer is added in game. Download the bug fix.
  • Dynamic Weather System Memory Leak – The memory leak bug on the Dynamic Weather System has been removed. Download bugfix.
  • Awakening Special Skill Cut In (New) – Each special skill will have its specific cut in image now. This is to supply different images shown depending on which skill has been used. It also works for critical hits.





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