[RMV] Chapter Select

Plugin Description

Creates a chapter selection screen for episodic gameplay.

Plugin Commands

chapter setSaveFile x
where x is the save file being checked. Ex: chapter setSaveFile 1

chapter byPerspective
sets the chapter definining the settings to New Game everytime.

chapter byContinuedCharacters
sets the chapter defining the settings to old characters everytime.

opens the Chapter Selection Screen.

chapter disableOnMenu
disables the menu / greys the option on the menu.

chapter enableOnMenu
enables the option on the menu.


By Perspective Option

When you use the chapter byPerspective Plugin Command, this means you are going to setup New Game settings everytime. All your items, stats, levels and gold will be lost and restart to nothing. This means in a new map, you will be able to change to which character you want to
have in the new game.

Continued Characters

When you use the chapter byContinuedCharacters Plugin Command, this means you are going to setup the characters you had in the old chapter. All your items, stats, levels and gold will be in tact and won’t be restarted. This means in a new map, you will still play as the ones you have been using from the past chapter.

Switch Start

What does this mean? It means this is where the batch is going to start counting based on the maximum chapters you have. For example, the value you placed is 1. If your max chapters are 6 chapters, that means Switch ID 1 to Switch ID 6. It has to be done by batch for easier memorization and eventing process.

If you change it to 6 and your max chapters is 6, that means Switch ID 6 to Switch 12.

– Window Based Commands for Chapter Selection
– Button Based Commands for Chapter Selection
– Advanced New Game Plus Style
– Basic New Game Plus Style
– Static and Animated Scene
– Menu Option
– Easily Changable Command Properties
– Easily Changable Button Properties





Other assets: Soul

Download Plugin – Mirror 1 (Dropbox)

Download Plugin – Mirror 1 (Mega.Nz)

Download Plugin – Mirror 1 (Mediafire)


20 Replies to “[RMV] Chapter Select”

  1. Amazing! but if i try to make 7 chapter i cant see the text? it wont scroll down…
    is there anyway to make it to scroll page down to show chapter 7,8,9 etc text?


    1. I think it’s a resolution problem you can either change the game resolution to a higher value or rescale the chapter menu, but I’m not sure so it’s better to wait for Soul’s answer.


        1. Yeah that’s what I was trying to say :)
          Btw Soul i’ve managed to get everything working with the plugin the only thing that i’m struggling with is the switch start. In my game I have 5 chapters and the switch start is set to 10 so supposedly the switches from 10 to 15 correspond to chapters 1 to 5 but when I create an event to turn on the switch 10 and then access the chapter menu it says that I still can’t enter that chapter because I have not yet unfolded it. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to do something else to unlock the chapter?
          Thanks in advance.


  2. Great plugin, as always!

    However, I seem to be having a bit of an issue with it. No matter how I change the “Change Map Transfer”, it seems to always link back to my first screen. I’ve tried the Map ID’s and the Displayed names, neither of which seem to work.


      1. Well, I tried using your demo with this in mind. However, it still doesn’t warp right. I changed MAP002 to look a bit different; however, the chapter that is supposed to correspond with it (Chapter 2) loads up MAP001. I made sure that I save before attempting to select the chapter.

        What is going wrong? Is my luck with plugins just bad? :(

        – ubernoob87Games


  3. Is there a way to change the increments of the cursor’s motion? When I change the distance between each chapter button from the default to a lower number, the cursor still goes the old distance, which ends up making the cursor go off-screen. This also happens when you increase the distance above the default.


  4. Hey, I really like your plugin. I seem to have come across some obstacles implementing it, though. I want to do it by Perspective, while having four chapters (in the point of view of four different party members) available at the start, with a fifth chapter that can be unlocked if a switch is activated in the previous four.

    Right now, it says that only the third chapter is available, although there was no setup for it, while the other three aren’t. How do I set it up so that those chapters are unlocked from the start? And how do I make it transfer the player to the correct map?


  5. Hi Soul,
    This plugin is beautiful… although.. I really can’t get it to work. I did the same as Ubernoob87Games and tried to edit the maps on your demo to confirm I’d loaded another chapter, but the screen never changed. I unlocked the chapter and saved, but I just can’t seem to get it to work?

    I also noticed in the demo, when you choose to enable/disable on menu, the plugin commands are reversed so choosing enable will disable it etc.


  6. I have the issue about the Map Transfer, i have saved with the switch of the chapter on, the chapter 2 is avaliable, but when i choose he, transfer the player for the first map, in the intro. What i made wrong? i have the saved file, but not work…


    1. Use Plugin Commands
      chapter byContinuedCharacters
      I got same problem when I first use, after hours of trying I successfully transfer my charater.
      I really suggest “SoulPour777” to have more information in the help file.


  7. I got some question
    1. How can I change the position of cursor?
    2. How can I change the spacing of cursor?
    3. How can I change the position of command(using picture) ?


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