[RMV] Chapter Select

Plugin Description

Creates a chapter selection screen for episodic gameplay.

Plugin Commands

chapter setSaveFile x
where x is the save file being checked. Ex: chapter setSaveFile 1

chapter byPerspective
sets the chapter definining the settings to New Game everytime.

chapter byContinuedCharacters
sets the chapter defining the settings to old characters everytime.

opens the Chapter Selection Screen.

chapter disableOnMenu
disables the menu / greys the option on the menu.

chapter enableOnMenu
enables the option on the menu.


By Perspective Option

When you use the chapter byPerspective Plugin Command, this means you are going to setup New Game settings everytime. All your items, stats, levels and gold will be lost and restart to nothing. This means in a new map, you will be able to change to which character you want to
have in the new game.

Continued Characters

When you use the chapter byContinuedCharacters Plugin Command, this means you are going to setup the characters you had in the old chapter. All your items, stats, levels and gold will be in tact and won’t be restarted. This means in a new map, you will still play as the ones you have been using from the past chapter.

Switch Start

What does this mean? It means this is where the batch is going to start counting based on the maximum chapters you have. For example, the value you placed is 1. If your max chapters are 6 chapters, that means Switch ID 1 to Switch ID 6. It has to be done by batch for easier memorization and eventing process.

If you change it to 6 and your max chapters is 6, that means Switch ID 6 to Switch 12.


  • Window Based Commands for Chapter Selection
  • Button Based Commands for Chapter Selection
  • Advanced New Game Plus Style
  • Basic New Game Plus Style
  • Static and Animated Scene
  • Menu Option
  • Easily Changable Command Properties
  • Easily Changable Button Properties





Other assets: Soulpour777: https://soulxregalia.wordpress.com/


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