[RMV] Book of People

Plugin for RMMV – Book of People

Plugin Description:

Displays a detailed status of the people you’ve met in your adventure.


First, make sure you have placed the required asset for this plugin. It needs a portrait. The item name should be the same with the portrait name located on img / bookofpeople folder.

Once the plugin is installed, you’re ready to get yourself from setting up the plugin. All plugin commands can be seen from the help file of the plugin.

Here is a little reminder. You can see this also in the demo, but I want to explain this anyway. When you add the <npc_item> tagged item in your inventory, use the plugin command to add the certain item to record the certain detail of the NPC / Person in the book. Since it shows as a regular item, it would still be usable, so what you need to do is remove them upon recording.



Download Demo + Plugin (Mirror 1)

Note: Download the asset from the demo above and install the current version, 2.8.

DOWNLOAD 2.8 HERE (Mirror 1)

DOWNLOAD 2.8 HERE (Mirror 2)


12 Replies to “[RMV] Book of People”

    1. If you open the .js in notepad, search for the following code:

      SOUL_MV.BookOfPeople.addOriginalCommands = Window_MenuCommand.prototype.addOriginalCommands;
      Window_MenuCommand.prototype.addOriginalCommands = function() {
      if(SOUL_MV.BookOfPeople.showOnMenu)this.addCommand(‘Book of People’, ‘bookofpeopleX’, true);

      Change the last line to:

      if(SOUL_MV.BookOfPeople.showOnMenu)this.addCommand(‘Database’, ‘bookofpeopleX’, true);

      You’ll still have to use “Book of People” for your commands, but it will display as “Database” to the player.


  1. Oh dear, I hope there’s a fix for the six or more items! I haven’t even got to that stage.. I know there’s a few flaws with this plugin, but it’s just so cool, I hope it gets updated!

    One thing I noticed was a compatibility issue with sumrndm’s alt menu icon cycle. It requires you to know the command symbol (which I’m pretty sure is SOUL_MV_Scene_PeopleBook.) It’s working in menu, but for some reason it’s not allowing me to show any icons, just leaving a blank space which is pretty annoying!

    I think it could really do with the ability to completely hide an entry until the person is added feature that Krystal suggested. On my play test, you could see all the actors and their info before even receiving their items. (The only difference was in the list, the name would show as ??? instead, it was still clickable.)

    The only other thing I could really hope for is a way to update the description, say if you revisited an NPC after some plot stuff had happened and you wanted that to reflect that in the descriptions. If not, I’ll just make extra items :P

    Thanks for all your hard work Soul! <3


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