[RMV] Engine Limit Break

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Engine Limit Break

Plugin Description:

This plugin allows you to change and adjust most maximum / adjustable values inside the MV Engine.

Changes the following maximum values:

  • Max Saved Files
  • Maximum Critical Damage Multiplier
  • Max HP
  • Max MP
  • Max ATK
  • Max DEF
  • Max MAG
  • Max MDEF
  • Max AGI
  • Max LUK
  • Max Gold
  • Max Items
  • Tile Width
  • Tile Height
  • Basic Floor Damage
  • Max Altitude
  • Fade Speed
  • Window Columns
  • Battle Log Lines
  • Battle Enemy Columns

Most of it are used so you can change the current limits of the engine in terms of the variables you see on the game. This does not promise anything that is under of course, the engine’s database itself such as limits of items or weapons you can create.

DOWNLOAD MV PLUGIN (Mirror 1) – Patreon Archive

DOWNLOAD MV PLUGIN (Mirror 2) – Dropbox

DOWNLOAD MV PLUGIN (Mirror 3) – Github


One Reply to “[RMV] Engine Limit Break”

  1. This is super duper cool! Although I sorta clicked on it, thinking it was a limit break thing like in the Final Fantasy series… Though being able to go past limits like this is super cool and really usefull!


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