[RMV] Battle Layers EX

Plugin Description:

This allows you to create fogs, ground layers and unlimited overhead / overlay inside battle.


  • Fogs
  • Blur Image
  • Unlimited Ground Layers
  • Unlimited Overhead / Overlay Layers


If you are making a mobile game, the blur image function will not work as it is using PIXI.js functions which runs only in WebGL. I advice you to avoid using that feature.

Plugin Download

(Bugs Fixed)

  • Specific Layering is now removed. You can always reassign the layers automatically.

Download the plugin here.

Note: I have officially dropped my support over this plugin. If by any chance you would still use this, please use it within it’s limits. This plugin would be soon remodeled.


2 Replies to “[RMV] Battle Layers EX”

  1. I cannot for the life of me get this plugin to work in my project. It works great in your demo, but when I literally copy/paste the same event into my project, turn on the plugin, and run the program I get “Type Error: undefined is not a function” when entering a battle. I even tried replicating your demo in a brand new project without any other plugins and get the same error. I’m beating my head on a table over this one.

    I see that you dropped support for this plugin, let me know if you ever make a new version.



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