[RMV] Character Select

Character Select

Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description

This plugin allows you to select a starting character or manage your party members.

Version 1 – Original Plugin with PSD and Art Assets

Version 2 – You can choose the range of actors to appear in the character selection screen.

Additional Art Assets: Soulpour777

Feather: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3810497

Background by:

Busts by:

Version 1 + Art Assets and Materials

Version 2 (Plugin Only)


8 Replies to “[RMV] Character Select”

  1. I tried to created…
    after execute the script.. choose 4 member.. return to main map
    I don’t know how to disable the ‘createOpenActors’


      1. I think .. this kinda… asking you created new demo.. I tried created first what I want using your demo..
        I will contact you soon.. in this reply..


      2. first..
        Your plugins is great.. I wanted to use this on my game.
        I need to edit your script.. this is the raw script ( include console.log )

        This is the demo.. I Started on base(other map) .. assume the place is not passable.. just talk to person in left

        the problem is
        * how to make it smooth? before entering the select character… it show delay?
        * do you think the edited plugins on ‘commandSelectCharacter’ function? I don’t think the flow is acceptable.. but is success like I wanted..
        * I add 3 new parameter. I hope you can review it

        Thx for your reply


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