[RMV] Animated Title Blue Sphere

Animated Title Blue Sphere

Author and Art: Soulpour777


  • Scrollable Background
  • Animated Foregrounds (Magic Circle)
  • Two More Foreground Layers
  • Mouse / Touchpad Supported Commands
  • Mouse / Touchpad Supported Cursors
  • Particle System

Music (in Demo) by:


Fixed version added. Command Y is now working.

DOWNLOAD (Fixed Version) – Dropbox

DOWNLOAD (Fixed Version) – Mediafire


9 thoughts on “[RMV] Animated Title Blue Sphere

  1. Hi Soul, I’m having the same issue as Styx92 with the options menu. Also now that I just updated to 1.3.2 the title screen is showing All the background parts as four up. Like its repeating. My game is 1920 x 1080, but it almost looks as if the title screen is still at default resolution. Any ideas as to how to fix these two issues? Thanks so much in advance.


      • Ok I figured out and fixed both issues for me. “_backsprite1” and “_backsprite2” on lines 345 and 347 needed to be just “Sprite” and not “Tiling Sprite”. That seemed to have done the trick.


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