[RMV] Animated Title Blue Sphere

Animated Title Blue Sphere

Author and Art: Soulpour777


  • Scrollable Background
  • Animated Foregrounds (Magic Circle)
  • Two More Foreground Layers
  • Mouse / Touchpad Supported Commands
  • Mouse / Touchpad Supported Cursors
  • Particle System

Music (in Demo) by:


Fixed version added. Command Y is now working.

DOWNLOAD (Fixed Version) – Dropbox

DOWNLOAD (Fixed Version) – Mediafire


12 Replies to “[RMV] Animated Title Blue Sphere”

      1. This is actually possible with this plugin already. In the Plugin Manager, you can set up the x and y axis of where you want the spinning magic circle is going to appear. The command names can also be changed easily with photoshop, same goes with the Title. It’s all changing the assets as well as the cursor.


  1. Hi Soul, I’m having the same issue as Styx92 with the options menu. Also now that I just updated to 1.3.2 the title screen is showing All the background parts as four up. Like its repeating. My game is 1920 x 1080, but it almost looks as if the title screen is still at default resolution. Any ideas as to how to fix these two issues? Thanks so much in advance.


      1. Ok I figured out and fixed both issues for me. “_backsprite1” and “_backsprite2” on lines 345 and 347 needed to be just “Sprite” and not “Tiling Sprite”. That seemed to have done the trick.


  2. Fixed the reset scene for coming out of the options to the save scene issue, i replaced line 507 with this:

    Scene_Title.prototype.returnScene = function() {


  3. I noticed there is no fade when quitting with this plugin so i added it myself, line 426 and 455:


    Also when you go into the options menu, the images are not below the options menu sometimes, other times they are, depending on the ordering of the title and options/menu (if you are using one) plugin. To fix this i added this at line 487 and 497:


    Another thing, if you use any resolution other then the default rpg maker mv one, everything gets all sorts of messed up, the reason why is because most of the main graphics are set as tilable/tile sprites instead of single sprites/bitmaps. I went through and changed the images to: new Sprite()

    This makes it so that no matter what the resolution is, the graphics properly display (size, position, etc.).

    Lastly, if i go into the save menu and then go back, open the options menu and then go back, it’ll dump me into the save menu instead of going back to the title. Not sure why, oh and if i use the up and down keys on the title to change selection, the navigation gets all screwy and mixes up the order.

    The last two things i haven’t fixed yet but thought i would bring these things to your attention, using the latest version of MV as of now.


  4. I can’t get particles to work at all when they load it crashes. I fixed a few things with the tiles by making the images say sprite only and I resized the background in GIMP to 1280×720 which is the res I am using. For now, I just leave particles off for it to run.


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