[RMV] Animated Title Belldandy

Animated Title Belldandy

Author: Soulpour777

Type: Custom Title Screen

Plugin Description:

This plugin changes your boring title screen to an animated one.


  • Animated Overlays
  • Animated Portrait
  • Touchpad / Mouse and Keyboard Supported Commands

Plugin Download



5 Replies to “[RMV] Animated Title Belldandy”

  1. Dear Comrade! Prompt me, how can I permanently disable the layer “Circle” and “feathers”? I tried to remove the name of the images from the plugin settings, but the plug is still requesting these pictures. Yes, I can use a PNG file with a size of 1×1 pixels and a 100% transparency, but it’s a crooked decision.

    In any case, your plugin is very excellent!

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  2. Hello. As for the circle and feathers, you’ll need to remove the createMagicCircle and this.createFeathers(); at Scene_Title.prototype.create and this.refreshCircle() at Scene_Title.prototype.update. You also have to remove these lines:
    this._backSprite4.origin.x += Math.sin(new Date().getTime() / 400);
    this._backSprite4.origin.y += 2;
    at the update.

    As for the title commands, they do not support being turned on or turned off at the moment.


    1. Thanks for the answer. I am very sad that the plugin does not support the standard menu commands. Unfortunately I will have to look for another solution. I hope that in the future functionality of your plugin will be expanded. Thank you!


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