[RMV] Animated Scene Credits Remilia

Animated Scene Credits Remilia

Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description:

Creates an animated scene credits, like a slideshow.






8 Replies to “[RMV] Animated Scene Credits Remilia”

  1. Hi there SoulPour do you know the terms of use of EastNewSound? I ask because I’m getting really into their music and I was wondering how and if they allow their music to be used in a game or not. You got some awesome scripts by the way bro!

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  2. hi I would like to use this plugin but I think the changing pictures time is too short (or 0 frame?) and player can’t read the message correctly. Can I adjust the waiting time after a picture shown?
    And if it is possible, I want to make the phase for pictures and texts different.
    (for example, after shown picture_1, 3 texts(text_1, text_2, text_3) will be shown. I want to change pictures only sometimes)


    1. Hi Styxfox,

      Sadly, there is no available link to his because I did not have a backup of my older plugins, as I can’t open my older dropbox due to it being locked. I am still trying to access my older dropbox but as of now I can’t.


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