[RMV] Destination Cursor

Plugin for MV – Destination Cursor

Plugin Description

Changes your original flashing cursor into an image.

Latest Update Date: 1 / 17 / 2017

With the newest addition of the plugin’s feature comes the ‘Rotate’ function. Not only can you change the cursors in your game but you can also control the entirety of it’s animation, even its rotation and blending.

Version 1.0 – Older Version

Version 2.0  – Newest Version (with Rotation and Blending)


[RMV] Engine Limit Break

Plugin for RPG Maker MV – Engine Limit Break

Plugin Description:

This plugin allows you to change and adjust most maximum / adjustable values inside the MV Engine.

Changes the following maximum values:

  • Max Saved Files
  • Maximum Critical Damage Multiplier
  • Max HP
  • Max MP
  • Max ATK
  • Max DEF
  • Max MAG
  • Max MDEF
  • Max AGI
  • Max LUK
  • Max Gold
  • Max Items
  • Tile Width
  • Tile Height
  • Basic Floor Damage
  • Max Altitude
  • Fade Speed
  • Window Columns
  • Battle Log Lines
  • Battle Enemy Columns

Most of it are used so you can change the current limits of the engine in terms of the variables you see on the game. This does not promise anything that is under of course, the engine’s database itself such as limits of items or weapons you can create.

DOWNLOAD MV PLUGIN (Mirror 1) – Patreon Archive

DOWNLOAD MV PLUGIN (Mirror 2) – Dropbox

DOWNLOAD MV PLUGIN (Mirror 3) – Github

[RMV] Battle Layers EX

Plugin Description:

This allows you to create fogs, ground layers and unlimited overhead / overlay inside battle.


  • Fogs
  • Blur Image
  • Unlimited Ground Layers
  • Unlimited Overhead / Overlay Layers


If you are making a mobile game, the blur image function will not work as it is using PIXI.js functions which runs only in WebGL. I advice you to avoid using that feature.

Plugin Download

(Bugs Fixed)

  • Specific Layering is now removed. You can always reassign the layers automatically.

Download the plugin here.

Note: I have officially dropped my support over this plugin. If by any chance you would still use this, please use it within it’s limits. This plugin would be soon remodeled.

[RMV] Character Select

Character Select

Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description

This plugin allows you to select a starting character or manage your party members.

Version 1 – Original Plugin with PSD and Art Assets

Version 2 – You can choose the range of actors to appear in the character selection screen.

Additional Art Assets: Soulpour777

Feather: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3810497

Background by:

Busts by:

Version 1 + Art Assets and Materials

Version 2 (Plugin Only)

[RMV] Scene Shop Skuld

Scene Shop Skuld

Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description

Changes your Scene Shop ala Recettear, with other plugin only features.


  • Customizable Shopkeeper Portrait
  • Customizable Command Dialogues
  • Shop Background
  • Voice Over Commands

Voice Assets By

Download Scene Shop Skuld (version 1) – Dropbox

Download Scene Shop Skuld (version 1) – Mediafire

Download Scene Shop Skuld (version 1) – UploadFiles

Download Scene Shop Skuld (version 2) – Dropbox

Download Scene Shop Skuld (version 2) – MediaFire

Download Scene Shop Skuld (version 2) – UploadFiles

Download Scene Shop Skuld (version 2) – TinyUpload