RMV – LEMV: Character Profile

RMV – LEMV Character Profile

Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description:

Do you want to create an encyclopedia or a profile book of all the actors you’ve been with and those that you’ve met? This plugin allows you to do that. With Character Profile, you will be able to show a record of all those actors you’ve met throughout the entire game.

Plugin Features:

  • Add actors to the Profile Book
  • Remove actors on the Profile Book
  • A Character Profile Book for all characters met in the game.

Plugin Download:

  • DropBox – Contains the plugin, custom folder contents and 2 PSD files for the Frame and Background for Easier Editing.


  • Soulpour777 for the Plugin, Frame and Background Graphics.

Images of Lenneth, Mystina and Belenus all belongs to the respective owners, Tri-Ace and Square Enix.



10 Replies to “RMV – LEMV: Character Profile”

  1. I like this plugin, but it’s feels kinda unfriendly for mouse users.
    Can you do a version with a list of actors faces, on the same profile page, who player can choose from, by mouse clicking or using keyboard?
    Something like this:

    In this variation It’s must have for my project.


  2. Hey Soul, this is a really great plug-in! I asked this back in 2015 your YouTube video, but I can’t seem to find the update if it is somewhere on your site.

    Would there be an easy way to make the Character Profile screen show up on your menu screen? Some of your other plug-ins (such as the Book of People plug-in) offered that great feature, so I would love to see this one have that option, too!

    If I am missing the updated version on your site, I would be grateful if you could link me to it. Thank you!


    1. Hi Michelle, I will add this on my next update this weekend. Sorry, I could have seen it but due to me being busy the whole year I was not able to find a way to check it. I’ll work on it now. Thank you so much for the report.


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