RMV – Event Distance Sensor

Event Distance Sensor

Author: Soulpour777

Plugin Description:

Do you wish your events could have been more attentive? Do you want them to have that trait where they can see you? There are games where you wanted to do a stealth scene where the Patrolman needs to make sure the place is safe. However, you are the thief and you want to steal the artifact! This plugin allows the events to detect the player via a line sensor, that makes it execute events that the plugin user wishes for the event to do.

Special Thanks: KockaAdmiralac

Current Version 2.0

Plugin Download


5 Replies to “RMV – Event Distance Sensor”

  1. Hello kind sir. What an awesome plugin! Would it happen to have a global plugin command to turn it off and on? Thank you for all your hard work on MV.


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