RMV – New Game Plus

Bug Fix History:

6 / 16 / 2016 – Fixed the Map Transfer Error

New Game Plus 

Do you want to reward your player with a new bonus stage when they cleared the game? Or probably an easter egg, where if they clear something they will be able to find this bonus stage? This plugin does the trick!

Author: Soulpour777

Q: What should I write as values on AutoShowOnScreen?

A: Should only be true or false. True means it is going to show the command even if the switch that allows the game plus to be on is not turned on yet.

Write false if its going to be only showed when it is achieved.

Q: Where can I locate the x and y of the map where I want to be transfered?

A: You can find it on the lower panel of your engine when you are in that map.

The two numbers after the viewpoint (%) and the Event Number are the x and y of your map.

Q: What are the commands to set and deactivate the new game plus?

To set it, do this on a plugin command:

NewGamePlus Activate

^ this would activate the New Game Plus option.

To deactivate it, do this on a plugin command:

NewGamePlus Deactivate

Download Plugin – Mirror 1 (Dropbox)

Download Plugin – Mirror 2 (Mediafire)


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