RMV – Camera Scroll EX

RMV – Camera Scroll EX

Author: Soulpour777

Status: Unsupported

Plugin Description:

There are games where you want the character to be followed by a certain ‘camera-like’ effect on it. There are also games where you want to focus on the event and the camera chases it. This plugin does just that! With this plugin, you can make focusable cutscenes and events!

Plugin Download


  • Raizen – He made the script from VXAce and I tried to port it to MV, with the same coding pattern. There have been lots of changes in MV, but with a few modification in the coding structure and principles, I was able to pull it off and made this plugin.
  • KockaAdmiralac – For helping in making pointers how to solve a few things in the coding aspect.

2 Replies to “RMV – Camera Scroll EX”

  1. Very cool plugin Soulpour! It eliminates the diagonal movement jitter when using a diagonal movement plugin and has the event follow option. Pretty neat! :)

    There is a jittering problem with resolutions not dividable by 2. Specifically I am using the Yanfly Core Engine to change the resolution and when you are idle, the screen jitters.
    I did manage to “fix it” by rounding up all the Graphics variables used in: Game_Player.prototype.updateScroll
    inside you Camera Scroll Ex script.
    Hope you don’t mind.. :D


  2. Hi, I just have a problem. when I load my game up it gave me a “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘screenX’ of undefined”


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